from Finland
We have a small homebased kennel in the countryside and we have had bulldogs for over 25 years...


Pigheaded Cutthroat Footmark , CC -winner , Br. Lempinen
FI CH Pigheaded Cutthroat Destroyer Dam: FI CH Pigheaded Cutthroat Snowhite

”Pertti ” was our first bulldog and he really taught us how really rich and joyfull life can be with a bulldog! ... That’s how we started to love this breed...

FIN CH Pigheaded Cutthroat Himatuikku , Br. Lempinen
Festive Cheer from Ocobo Dam: FI CH Pigheaded Cutthroat Dormouse

”Hima ” was our first bitch and she gave us our first bulldog litter... That’s where the journey of the Buliwari Bulldogs started...

FI CH Buliwari Bulu - Baby , Br. & Own. P. Ääripää
Lay Backs Tutbury Toreador Dam: FI CH Pigheaded Cutthroat Himatuikku

”Liisi” was the First Champion of Buliwari Bulldogs. She was a very happy and energetic bitch who gave birth the natural way for a Buliwari litter . From there on , Liisi’s daughters have continued the story of Buliwari Bulldogs...

We occasionally go to dogshows in Finland and abroad! For us “countrymen” going to dogshows is always very exciting and bring a nice change to our normally peaceful life…